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Howdy! I’m Stephanie Schuhmacher

I'm a seasoned Product Designer with a proven track record of leading design strategy, shipping award-winning digital products, and upskilling teams.
I’m also a huge fan of breakfast tacos.

About me

I'm a Product Designer who specializes in untangling new problem spaces, especially in industries where there's a lot of regulation to navigate.

Currently, I'm using my years of experience as a UX jack-of-all-trades and design educator to lead a UX-focused L&D program at a Fortune 500. I enjoy bringing meaningful and impactful training to team of over 250 User Experience professionals, but am eager to return to designing and delivering delightful user-centered digital experiences.

I've had the chance to work as a solo UX team member, as part of larger teams, and even to build UX teams from scratch. It's been an incredible experience to meet so many talented and intelligent professionals along the way.

When I'm not busy with a creative project or juggling my 200 open browser tabs, you'll probably find me indulging in a delicious breakfast taco at one of Austin's great taquerias.

Those who can't, teach? Au contraire

Training courses I developed

One of my greatest passions is sharing the knowledge I have gained throughout the course of my career. That is why I regularly teach, design, and produce course curriculums for others on user experience concepts and software titles.

Case studies of past UX projects

These are a few case studies and highlights from my work as an individual contributor.

More tidbits about me

I love to help user experience professionals develop their skills

When I was a Manager of User Experience, one of my favorite activities was working with my team to create their professional development plans and helping them find education opportunities.

I give extra credit

I’ve been an adjunct faculty member at Austin Community College’s Visual Design department.  While I don’t teach any longer, I am still a member of the Curriculum Advisory Committee for ACC’s UX/UI associates degree program.

I’m a surprisingly social introvert

I co-founded the Austin chapter of Ladies That UX. This local UX meet-up boasted over 500 members and was the first LTUX chapter in North America. I’ve also served as Co-Director of Programs and Events for UXPA Austin.

Learning never stops, even for educators

I’m currently pursuing my Masters in Information Design and Strategy with a focus on Learning Design at Northwestern University. Go wildcats!

I can be slightly obnoxious about being from Texas

Winnermint, my nom de web, pokes fun at how I pronounce the word “wintermint” in my intermittent native Texas drawl.

Makers gonna’ make

Outside of work and school, I pair building my skills in delivering synchronous online learning and working on sewing projects. I live stream on Twitch as CatOnTheFold, and my two cats frequently raid the stream.

Drop me a line

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